Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ermine's Spayed Now, Too!

Greg & Christie have been visiting Madge's kittens every couple of days, and they are doing GREAT!

They are fun, playful, silly, energetic, and adorable, just as kittens should be!  Here's some proof:

They love Greg!

Especially his shoes:


Greg eventually took off his shoes and let the kittens go butt-wild on them:

And here are a few photos:

Allistair always has to eat with at least one foot in the bowl!

Once Judith got the shoe she wanted, she snuggled it and got very sleepy.

Lionel is a cuddly beast.  As soon as anyone picks him up, he starts to purr.  Adorable!

Stephen is getting sweeter and friendlier all the time.  He laid upside down on my lap and let me scritch on his cute soft little belly.  And he's much more curious than he used to be.  Yay for Stephen!

And here are three kittens snuggling Greg:

Here are a few photos of my kittens.  By the way, Ermine was spayed today - she's the last one of my kittens who needs to have surgery!  All the kittens were posted by Christie on so people in the area can search and maybe choose to adopt us.  Take a peek or direct your friends to this blog or the website to see how cute all the kittens are!  We are a beautiful family!

Ermine upside down relaxing:

Cute little Orca face:

Holding Orca's hand:

Orca & Ermine snuggling:

Have a great day!

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