Friday, June 22, 2012

Neuter for Orca!

All three of my kittens who have still been living with Christie & Greg weigh at least three pounds now!  Orca is at the vet right now having his neuter surgery, Otter's surgery is scheduled for Monday, and Ermine's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday!  Soon we will be all done, and none of us will have more kittens with no homes - yay!

The less awesome news is that we will all live outside in Christie & Greg's backyard after we are all fixed.  They can't live with this many cats in the house now that the kittens are getting bigger.  It's okay, though, because although it gets hot in the summer, it doesn't get that cold in the winter (it only gets down to freezing 2-3 times per winter - last year only once, I think!), and I lived outside before I had the babies - without the care of a family.  I will take good care of them and Christie & Greg will feed us all and snuggle us all and make sure we have lots of water and lots of comfy places to sleep.  The kittens will probably not fight because they will be spayed/neutered and they will have food and water and all those important things.

Do keep us in mind if you know people who are looking to add to their fuzzy families!

Here I am, snuggling my baby Otter.  She likes to sleep with her belly sticking up at the sky!

Ermine sleeping behind the curtain with her paws sticking under it! 

Ermine showing her sweet face and bat ears:

Orca & Ermine snuggling:

Orca & Ermine close-up:

Ermine got up on a basket that was sitting on the desk and settled in for a nap!  She's adorable!

On a separate, but still cat-related note, when Christie went out for a run very early in the morning on Monday, one of the neighborhood cats, Gracie (she doesn't have an official home, but everyone knows her and likes her), met Christie at the front door, meowing.  She led Christie over to the tree in the front yard and started rubbing on a branch that had been broken off in the first monsoon storm (a haboob this time!) of the summer.  

Thanks, Gracie, for pointing out the problem!
Greg & Christie went out later to trim the tree and clean stuff up.  Here are a couple of pictures.

Where the branch broke off (in case you don't live in the desert, this is a mesquite tree):

While Christie was hooking up the hose in order to give the traumatized tree some extra water, she saw this baby praying mantis on the faucet handle!  AMAZING!!!  They are delicate and beautiful.

Otter looking delicate and lady-like with crossed paws!

Christie has a few videos of the kittens being cutesy that she will post soon.

It has been a tad busy around here this week, because it's Christie's first week at her exciting and wonderful new job, so she's still trying to figure out her schedule and all of that.  But she doesn't want to deprive you of your kitten fix!

With love,


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