Monday, June 4, 2012


Well, my kittens are getting too big to alllll be in Christie & Greg's house, so Christie & Greg are trying to figure out how to proceed . . . sadly, we have not found loving forever homes for them yet.  It looks like they are old enough (8 weeks) and almost heavy enough (they need to be two pounds or more) to get spayed/neutered, so that's the next step.  Once that's done and they are healed up, we'll all probably move outside so we can have more room.  While this isn't the outcome we all hoped for, at least we will all be spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and we won't be reproducing.  Christie & Greg will continue to feed us, so we won't abandoned.  We'll just be outside cats.

We would much rather have loving forever families where we can live inside and snuggle all the time, because that's what we love to do, so please continue to keep us in mind if you know anyone that has been considering adopting a kitten.  We are very special, since we have been nurtured carefully from the time we were born!

Madge's kittens are also quite special!  They are getting cuter all the time, and they are social and fun and playful.  Who would have guessed that they would turn into such people-loving little kittens?  They were sad and scared and not very friendly when we met them, and now they are just delightful!

This post is called "Facebook" because I was wondering if you loyal readers would be willing to post a link to this blog on your Facebook pages saying that these are the cutest and sweetest kittens ever!  If you live in the Phoenix metro area, especially, since your friends will likely be able to adopt easily if they want to.  Let's work together to find these kittens homes and stop the cycle of cats being homeless!

Here are some videos!

Allistair playing with Christie's hair:

Judith and Allistair playing crazy on top of Greg Mountain!

Kittens wrestling:

Lionel attacking the wall!

Lionel, Allistair, and Judith on top of Greg:

Judith and Lionel like to sleep on Greg's feet:

Judith all comfy:

I love how Judith has little white spectacles around her eyes!  Perhaps because I also wear glasses!

Maybe you can see the spectacles better here.  She's a bookish girl!

Lionel cuddled into Greg's armpit.

Judith cuddled into Greg's neck:

Stephen is the shyest one of this litter.  His eye infections and fleas were the worst, and he's been the only kitten who hissed at us.  He is getting much friendlier and more comfortable with people.  He adores Juvy's kittens and follows them around.  It's adorable!

Even though they're not my kittens, I have to admit that they're pretty cute.  They are starting to wash themselves, which is good, because they sometimes fall asleep with their faces right in the bowls of wet food.  MY kittens are always soft and clean a fluffy, and I'm sure Madge's kittens will get the idea soon.

Have a happy Monday!


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