Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fluffy Love!

Everyone is healthy and well and fluffy and cutesy!

Last night, Allistair got sleepy and decided to rest upside down in Greg's lap.

He's a lovey-dovey little guy!

He also doesn't mind his chubby little tummy rubbed.  And we love to rub his chubby little tummy!

Then he fell asleep upside down, but perfectly comfortable.

Lots of videos today . . .

In fact, let's start with me teaching my kittens to hunt!

Me - I play crazy with the mousie to interest the kittens, then I push the mousie over to them to let them take over.  Sometimes they DO take over and get that mousie, sometimes they don't.  But they're learning!  (Not that they're going to NEED to hunt - they will be getting fed!)

Me plus some kittens!

My kittens playing with the laser pointer.  They do spin-outs!

Judith loves this fishy:

Playing in Greg's slippers:

Kittens having fun:

Kittens RACING:

We're very proud of Stephen's progress.  He went from hissing and spitting at us every time we wanted to touch him to being playful and curious.  He's still shy and tentative and easily spooked, but his improvement has been wonderful.  Hooray for Stephen!

Not everyone loves Greg's guitar yet as much as Christie does!

Having seven kittens in the house definitely does not lead to a NEATER and TIDIER house . . .

Stephen and Lionel love eating!  They are very good purrers, too.  Here; I'll prove it!

Judith & Allistair getting some cuddles:

And some video updates of Madge's kittens:

Christie & Greg are trying to figure out how to house all of us until we are ready to be spayed/neutered.  There are far too many of us to all stay inside much longer, because there just isn't enough room!  We like to run around and we all want lots of snuggles.  There isn't enough time in the day for all of us to get the attention we want.

The spay/neuter clinic said they won't do the kittens' surgeries until they're 12 weeks old, and they're only nine weeks old this Saturday.  Orca, the biggest of my kittens, weighs only 2 pounds, and they want kittens to weigh at least 3 pounds before surgery.  We can't live outside until after our surgeries, because I am not quite ready to be spayed yet (though my wound has completely closed up - amazing!) and Christie & Greg aren't just going to toss my kittens outside without me to take care of them and teach them.  

Our neighbor, Chris, was able to take the kittens he had been caring for to a local no-kill shelter, Friends For Life, after they were spayed and neutered (at eight weeks and two pounds using the same vet I called!)  He is contacting that same shelter to see if they can take my kittens so they could be someone's beloved pets rather than outside cats at Christie & Greg's.  We still have Madge's kittens to place (hopefully!)  I love those kittens, too, though, so if they don't find homes, they can go outside with me, and I will teach them how to live and make sure they have a mama if Madge doesn't want to deal with them anymore. 

It's all complex and I know Christie & Greg feel burdened to take the best care of us and love us as much as they can, while still realizing that they're only two people & they can't save the world all by themselves.

We are all thankful!  Thanks also to those of you who have taken in a homeless animal and showered it with love.  You are amazing and generous!

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