Friday, June 1, 2012

Kitten Central!

This house is full of kittens!  Cats somehow know that Christie & Greg will TRY to help, even though they can't make life perfect for most of us.  This is Juvy writing, though Christie is typing for me.  Please excuse any typos today; Christie cut the tips of her third and fourth fingers opening a cottage cheese container (darn that tinfoil "safety" seal - it's really sharp!) and it's difficult for her to type well without those two fingers.  

Lots of cute kitten videos from the last few days.  Haven't posted for a little while, because the household has been focused on getting the outside kittens healthy and trapping Madge so she could be spayed.  More news on that anon . . .

Me and my kittens:

Cute little me:

Ermine playing silly with her favorite silver sparkly ball:

Orca fighting first with a mousie, then with a sibling!

Greg teaching us to hunt using the laser pointer!

More mousie:

We love to play with toys!

Okay, here's a Madge update:

New kittens in the house:

More new kittens (Judith, Lionel, Stephen, and Allistair):

The second batch of kittens and their mom are all named after characters from one of Greg & Christie's favorite British tv shows, "As Time Goes By".

Please continue to be on the lookout for homes for all of the wonderful, sweet, adorable kittens that are being well-taken care of here at Christie & Greg's house.  They are all ready to be rehomed when the right homes are found!

From left to right: Judith, Stephen, Lionel:

Allistair (with a background of Christie's new skirt!):


Allistair (he's been yelling the most, so there are more photos of him):


Greg snuggling Orca:

ME (Juvy) being cute with some favorite toys!

Allistair & Christie sleeping:

Orca in a blankie cave:

Four new kittens (Judith, Allistair, Stephen, and Lionel):

 Hope you enjoyed the peek into our busy life!
Come on over and take some sweetness and LOVE home with you!

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