Friday, June 1, 2012



Here is some video of how that happened (last night):

Today Christie took her to the low-cost spay & neuter clinic and she came away spayed, with extra pain medication, flea & mite treatment, and vaccinations.  Hooray!  She is now recovering in the kitten's outdoor enclosure.

Her kittens have had a very fun day!  They were introduced accidentally to me (Juvy) and my kittens, and everyone got along great!  Especially when the introductions were eased by wet food . . .

Stephen & Lionel eat very loudly.  They are still sort of getting used to eating rather than suckling, and they stick their heads in the bowl and suck the wet food up into their mouths.  More like elephants than cats!

And then, an amazing thing happened!  I walked over to Allistair and decided he was just too dirty.

And then I proceeded to lick alllll Madge's kittens a little bit.  They really are very dirty, so I didn't finish the job getting them all clean and fluffy as kittens should be, but I started working on it.  Christie and Greg praised me a lot and gave me lots of snuggles for being so kind and gentle.

Then the kittens played under the bench a little bit and got to know one another.

Now everyone is put away in their own spaces to sleep for the evening.  In the morning, Christie & Greg will let Madge out of the enclosure to roam free again.  She will not have any more litters, and she will hopefully stay healthy and much happier now that she's had vaccinations.

Have you ever thought that female cats might have hot flashes once their ovaries are removed?  Christie says that her hot flashes were debilitating after her surgery 10 years ago, and she wonders whether people should really be giving spayed cats hormones so they don't feel crazy and paranoid and steaming hot all the time (that's what happens to her, apparently, if she doesn't have some hormones . . . )  No vet has ever been able to answer whether cats have hot flashes.  Any thoughts on that?

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