Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today is spay day for Juvy, so this is Christie writing her post today.  She is completely healed from the mastitis, and she's in heat again (!), so it's definitely time for her to be done with all that weirdness!  She went to the vet at 7:30 this morning and should be ready to come home around 1 PM.

The day before yesterday, the smaller kittens (Madge's kittens) went to live with our neighbors Chris and Tia for a while so we can focus on getting Juvy's kittens old enough to be spayed and neutered.  Hopefully we will still be able to find them excellent homes.

I have some photos of Madge's kittens being adorable (as always!) before they went to Chris & Tia's!
Allistair lying down on my tummy:

Allistair sleeping:

Judith, the princess:

Look at her little teeny paw!

No, she's not drugged.  These are her sleepy eyes!

And more sleepiness on the rug:

Lionel in a basket (they love this toy basket!)

And Stephen in my shoes!  He likes to find ingenious places to hide and observe the world.

And now on to Juvy's kittens!  Here they are all snuggled up and cozy:

Orca on my lap:


Sweet sleepy Ermine:

Snuggle-bug sleeping Orca:

Cuddly sleeping Otter:

Everyone being sleepy all together!

And here are a few videos from the last few days!  I know everyone LOVES to watch the videos of the kittens being kittens!

First, Ermine wanted to eat cherry cobbler!  I didn't give her any, but I did let her lick the plate.  No one else wanted any.

Ermine, silly girl, got up on the paper towels and was doing her best to whip them into shape!

Juvy LOVES catnip!

And so do the kittens!

Three kittens playing wild in my office:

More kittens on the bed:

Enjoy the kitten love, and hope you are having a great week!


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