Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Batch! + More Videos

Christie just chatted with her neighbors, Tia & Chris, and they are heroes for their work in our neighborhood helping homeless animals.  Thank you, Chris & Tia!  They are fostering 3 kittens right now that are looking for homes.  They sent some photos so I could post them, since most of my kittens are already spoken for.

This fluffy treat is orange, white, and black!
 And this confection is black and gray and white.
 This little guy (girl?) is mostly black.  They're all tasty, every single one!
 Here they are with their Mama.  She is gorgeous and Christie would snap her up in a heartbeat if the house weren't already full of felines!

And here are some videos of each of my kittens today.  They get cuter every day!
Today Christie got tiny videos of each kitten.  Here's the Ermine!

Orca, Otter, & Bear (in that order!):

The Orca being cute all upside-down!

Otter again!

And the sweet little Skunk!

And just because Christie thinks I'm beautiful, we present . . . Juvy!

Hope you have a GREAT Friday!  Meow!

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  1. Caylie sat memorized by the kittens last night. Made Ryan & Gavin come and look at them too :) Thanks for sharing, we'll keep watching.