Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eyes Slightly Open

One kitten has slightly opened eyes today!  And everyone's umbilical cords have fallen off now. 

And Christie is finally able to identify all five kittens and tell them apart from one another.  This has come about because the kittens are doing a little bit more than just eating and sleeping and because Christie has had more days to watch them.  She has given them temporary descriptive names in order to be able to talk about them all.

The Skunk is mostly black with a white tummy, white paws, and a white stripe on his (her?) head.  So far, the Skunk has been in the middle of most of the arguments in the home!

The Bear is mostly black with a white splotch on his (her?) belly.  This kitten has a very cute round face and is fluffier than the others.

The Otter is all black and is very shiny and pretty. 

The Orca is mostly black, but with a white tummy, white paws, and a white chin.

The Ermine is mostly black with white tummy, white paws, and a partially white chin.  His (her?) chin is more white on his left-hand side than on the right (so if we're looking at him, there's more white on the right chin than the left).
Eventually, Christie will be able to get video and pictures of each kitten individually, so you can get to know them, but they are still too little to pick up and hold much.

But here are some ADORABLE pictures of them!

Christie adds: I believe this to be the Otter, but it may also be the Bear (I can't tell if the belly is white or if the face is extra round from this angle!)  Either way, I WANT TO SNUGGLE THIS KITTEN!

Here's how it looks when everyone is all lined up in a row.  The Bear on the far left is too sleepy to eat!

What a soft and fluffy way to sleep!

The kitten on the right is the Ermine, but Christie can't tell from this angle who the other one is.  They are like candy they're so nummy.

 Me and the Orca snuggling

I love to cuddle my kittens.

The Orca looks grey because of the sunshine.  I am in the shade, so I look very black (which I am!)  The kitten was on his way somewhere, but fell alseep on the way!
 The Bear zonked out.  Look at the teeny little pudgy tummy!  And they're super floppy when they're asleep. 

Christie has just informed me that I should refer to all the kittens as "he" until we find out more information about their genders because she thinks four out of five kittens are male.  It's hard to tell, since they're all quite small and she doesn't get a great look at the important areas, but we'll keep you informed!

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