Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Ultimate Passover: Resurrection Sunday!

My kittens were born the night of the full moon (the night of Friday into Saturday). Friday was called Good Friday, when Jesus died to pay for the sins of the whole world. Their birthday is actually Saturday, which was Passover. Passover is the time in the history of the Jewish people when God provided protection for His people through the blood of an innocent lamb they smeared on their doors. Christ's followers believe that the Passover was not only celebrating what God did for His people with the blood of the lamb, but it looked forward, celebrating how Jesus (the innocent lamb) died provided the ultimate "pass-over" - if we choose Him, God will never punish us for our sins because Jesus already paid for them. We are passed over.

Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is a time that originally celebrated NEW LIFE (baby animals, eggs, rabbits) and the return of fertility to the earth after the hard, cold winter. We still celebrate Easter with baby animals, eggs, and rabbits because they are symbols of the NEW LIFE we have when we choose to follow Jesus. The old us is gone, the new us has been born through what Jesus did!

My kittens were born at the apex of these holy days!

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