Monday, April 30, 2012

A Few Photos of Goregousness!

Orca & Skunk posing for the camera (I have to congratulate Christie on how great she is capturing these kittens in photos - they are constantly moving when they're awake, and when they're sleeping, they are rolled into little black balls of fluff that are difficult to capture in photos!)

Skunk being calm in the midst of chaos:

Orca wondering if that hard stuff is really supposed to be food:

Not the clearest photo, but just look at all the white whiskers!

And you can imagine the ferocity of the meow!

 Here's a lovey little Bear:

And a curious Otter:

Skunk was lying upside down in Christie's lap, and she just posed perfectly like this!  I wonder what she is thinking about.

Again, not the clearest photo, but look at the earnest little face!  It's Orca:

Otter hiding inside the big box:

Ermine posing for the camera.  She's a natural!

Three babies in Christie's lap (Otter, Bear, and Skunk) and someone's butt:

Ermine being adorable (she can't help it!):

Christie is editing some more videos to post later.  Hope you are loving my kittens as much as I am!


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