Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Greg called the kittens "micro-weasels" today!  (We call our cats weasels sometimes because they're sneaky and fuzzy.)  They definitely are MICRO!

A number of extra cute little videos today!
Here are some little bums:

Christie can now identify three kittens for sure (of course, as their Mama, I knew them all right away!)  One is all black and sleek (Christie calls this kitten the Otter).  One is all black and very fuzzy with a round owl face (the Bear).  One is a tuxedo cat (apparently there's a huge fan club for black & white cats!) with a white strip on the forehead (the Skunk).  Then there are two other tuxedo cats that Christie can't tell apart quite yet.  She's a little slow, but she's getting to know them better as time goes by.

Tiniest, cutest face ever!  By the way, the trickling you hear in the background is our backyard fountain.

The Skunk being cute. 

At ground level (this is either the Otter or the Bear - it's hard to tell when they're all in a pile! - being adorable and sleepy):

Hope you're enjoying the kittens as much as I am!

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