Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wrestling and Walking!

My kittens get cuter every single day.  Christie has been taking TONS of videos, but the videos have to be edited and compressed and changed from one format into another format (those of you with iPads and iPhones and Macs apparently can't view .avi videos - silly Apple!)  So anyway, it takes quite some time.  

Today I wanted to give a little lecture on why I love each one of my kittens.  Of course, I love them because they are adorable and because they are mine, but there are additional quirks that make each one of them unique.  Here they are in alphabetical order (because I love them all equally!):

Bear: Bear is the only boy (as far as we can tell!), and he is playful and curious and friendly.  He was the first to leave the box, the first to stick his head in the water bowl, and the first to open his eyes.  He does not take much to be entertained (for example, he loves to play with his own feet!)  Here's an example of that:

Part One:

Part Two:

Ermine:  Ermine has beautiful long white whiskers and she is determined.  When she wants to get somewhere, she will get there.  She is the one who had the eye infection when she was only one week old, and she is a fighter!  She is perky and strikes out to discover new territory with interest.

Orca:  The Orca has an adorable way of wrinkling her forehead that none of the other kittens does.  Her face is beautiful and round (like an owl - if she had looked like that when she was born, I would have called her that!)  She is cuddly and interested in what is happening around her.

Otter:  Otter is sweet and inquisitive.  She has caught right up to Bear in size even though she started out as one of the smallest kittens, so I know she is persistent!

Skunk:  Skunk is currently the smallest of the kittens.  During the first few days of her life, she had to constantly fight with the Bear for the nipple that they both preferred.  She howled loudly and wriggled her way right back in there if Bear pushed her out.  (Now everyone gets their chance on the four functional nipples.)  She often sits and looks around her as if she is learning from what everyone else is doing.  She has a very intelligent look as if she is about to make a profound statement.

While Christie was able to upload the previous videos, for some reason, Blogger or Christie's browser seems to be having a problem tonight, and we'll have to wait to post more videos until tomorrow.
Those of you who are following, which kittens do you find the most appealing?  What do you love about kittens?  Leave comments! 

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