Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Photos

It got light enough in the kitten box for Christie to get some photos of my babies this afternoon. They are strong enough to fight for the best spots for milk, and then they all get tired out at the same time and all sleep in a little line.

If you look carefully at this first photo (if you click on it, it will expand in size), you can see this kitten's tongue sticking out!

Look at how the babies sleep with their arms around each other!

This baby has a little thin white line down his (? - could also be a girl!) forehead.

So far, it looks as if there are two solid black kittens (one is puffier than the other), and three kittens with white paws and white tummy. This one with the skunk stripe also has white paws and white tummy. More details about the individuality of the kittens will emerge as they develop over the coming days and weeks.

P.S. The kittens are not striped. The stripes in the photos are from the dappled sunlight coming into our box through the blanket that's covering the opening.

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  1. Oh, sooooooooooo cute. Can't wait to show them to Caylie. Have a Blessed Easter !!!!