Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Ermine's Recovering!

Note from Christie: The sweet Ermine is getting better very quickly!  Thank you to our great vet's office for seeing her so quickly, to the Bear for accompanying her to the vet, and to Juvy for being such a great Mama, who made stout babies!

Juvy says: The kittens and I now are happily ensconced in Greg & Christie's guest bathroom.  There are puppy pads all over the floor just in case, for the babies, I'm sure.  *I* know how to use a litter box already, of course.  The bathroom is quiet and safe, and I don't have to worry about other cats roaming into my territory at night-time, trying to take my food.  There are three other cats in the house, but they haven't paid much attention to us, and we're pretty quiet.  Christie has allowed us to rest since our stressful day yesterday with the Ermine and the Bear going to the vet, and with the transition to living indoors, but she can't resist snuggling us a little bit; I don't blame her, because the kittens are the cutest fuzzy beasts ever, and I am quite loving and I purr a lot and squint my eyes half-closed to show affection.  Humans seem to like that.

Some noteworthy happenings from today and yesterday:
* Christie distinctly felt and heard the Skunk purring today!
* The Bear, the Skunk, and the Ermine have their eyes at least partly open!
* All kittens have dark blue eyes so far.
* All kittens are thriving and getting nice round bellies.  They have fluffy, soft fur, and they are sturdy.  Even though I only have four functioning nipples and FIVE kittens, they all are getting enough milk and are happy and roly-poly.
* I am even getting comfortable with Greg, though I am sort of shy.  He is really gentle and kind and he squints his eyes half-closed to show affection to me.  I like that.  
* No one else has shown any signs of developing the Ermine's eye infection.

Here is our new home, safe and sound and clean and warm (but not too warm!) and with lots of nummy food and comfy sleeping places:

Here is the Ermine's eye ointment:

Here is Christie snuggling the Orca.  The Orca seems to be the one who settles into snuggles the most.  She is sort of floppy and doesn't mew much. 

Here is a cute little close-up of the Orca!  Look at those long whiskers and the cute little white line across her nose!

The little Orca cuddling into Christie's neck (oh, and yes Christie IS wearing a new dress!  I'm sure she'd be glad to know you noticed!)

 Awwww . . . very sweet!  Look how teensy the baby is!

Here is the Skunk - her eyes are opening up slowly.  The one you see on the left is open almost all the way, but the one on the right is open close to her nose and still squinted shut towards her ear.  She's adorable and seems to be spunky and curious.

Another note from Christie: My neighbors Chris & Tia have let me know that they would like to find a home for the Mama cat of their kittens.  She is lovely and long-haired and friendly and playful and young, and they would adopt her themselves, but they have five dogs, and according to Chris, "one of the dogs is a jerk".  Ha!  If anyone is interested in a grown-up, but still young and spritely fuzzy girl who won't be quite as troublesome as a brand-spanking new kitten, she could be your new family member!  I would snap her up if we had an opening in our family at the moment. Oh!  And she only has HALF a tail!  I think she's delicious.

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  1. Now you have house guests. They must have weaseled their way into Greg's heart. Much safer so glad they are there.