Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hi, I'm Juvy!

My name is Juvy, and this morning I had five kittens! I am about a year old, so I'm really quite young to have kittens, but sometimes unexpected kittens happen.

About three months ago, I started sleeping in a box in the front yard of Christie and Greg's house, but I was still really really scared of people. About one month ago, Christie noticed that my belly was getting bigger, and she figured out that kittens were going to be born. She moved the box into the backyard on the patio to keep me safe, and she made lots of little boxes that might be good places for the kittens to be born. She kept working hard to be my friend, too. First, she talked nicely to me while standing far away, then she got closer and closer, and finally I decided it would be okay to let her pet me. During the last couple of weeks, I've been tired and my tummy has been very big, and all I really have wanted to do is to have Christie snuggle me and rub my belly.

Here is a picture of me sleeping:

Here is a video of me getting cuddles from Christie:

I will tell you more about the kittens in the next post! They are pretty adorable!

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