Saturday, May 23, 2015

In Between Phases

The cats have been enjoying having the run of the place again.
They are poking their little snouts in all the nooks and crannies and boxes they can find.

Stephen is happy to be able to droop over the arm of the couch again!

Or sleep on a stack of blankies!

So sleepy!

And very handsome.

I love when he sits in the windowsill and his tail curls around like an iguana's tail.

Today we worked hard to move stuff from the three bedrooms into the garage or great room.
The three bookshelves in my office holding work-type stuff and curriculum binders are now in the dining room, all close together!

Here they are from the side:

My Cube is packed full of stuff (a microwave, two seating cubes, a printer, three bags full of books . . . ) that needs to go to Goodwill, and the dining room table has more stuff to go (yay!)

It feels GREAT to be forced to go through stuff, and it's a HUGE blessing that I'm feeling healthy enough to do it and not completely fall apart.

Allistair has been having fun with the ladder.

Stephen joined him once, but that was enough for him.

But Allistair had to explore the ladder all over again every time we moved it!
Especially if it was near the fan - right after I took this picture, he stood up on his back feet and pushed the fan blade so it spun around.

Greg decided it would be good to move the ladder further away.

Allistair was disappointed.
He tried to lie down comfortably on the top of the ladder and discovered that he is too big and he bulged over the edges.

So he found another place to sleep!

Claude also enjoyed the big stack of blankies while Stephen was off elsewhere.

Here's where most of the clothes from the closet went . . . 

Here's my office after the first day of clean-out.

Here is the northern wall of Greg's office - wow!

And here's the closet (stuff on the top shelf can stay, we think).

Also, I bought a new dress (at Ross).
I'm going to wear it tomorrow, so I'll post pictures of it all assembled with bag, shoes, 
and a Christie in it!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. LOVE the polka dot dress, looking forward to seeing it on you...