Monday, May 11, 2015

Renovation, Part 1: Day 3 - Tile OUT!

When the morning began, here's where we were . . . 
all the furniture clumped up in the corner, tile remaining.

Then, around 8 AM, two dudes came and started delivering this huge stack of tile to be installed
(the mortar for the grout is in the corner to the left in paper bags).

They spent a lot of time listening to lovely old country music
and taping up protective sheets of plastic everywhere.

Allistair, Claude, and Stephen spent the day in the master bedroom.
Juvy was outside, sleeping under the trees and enjoying the breeze.
She got lots of extra snuggles tonight.

Most of the day, Stephen & Claude were under the bed 
(jackhammering is loud!)
but Allistair wasn't as nervous.

What a silly!

And when the guys left around 5:30, here's what the house looked like.
No more tile in the kitchen, no more tile in the entryway!

The furniture looks like ghosts.

Some dents where the jackhammers bit into the concrete, but
it's smoother than I expected.

Greg and I were up until 11 PM last night getting everything ready for them
(our fridge is humongous and it proved very difficult to shift it into
the hallway!) and I can't wait to go to sleeeeeeeep tonight! 

Here is a bonus for the day: Stephen in calmer and less messy times!

Tune in tomorrow, when there will be leveling and grinding of concrete and 
preparation and painting of baseboards!

Don't forget, we get to do all this all over again when we switch to the second side of the house
(three bedrooms, two bathrooms)!  Whee!

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  1. What a lot of work!!!!!! Looks like they're doing a great job, through. This will be a long two weeks for you and the kitties.