Thursday, May 28, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Day 4: Painting

We're still living in a bit of a crowded mess,
but it's headed in the right direction -
and the hardest work (for US) is done, so
we can relax a bit.
I'm trying to catch up so my mental faculties grow back!

First, here's the dress I showed you on the hanger the other day.
There are pleats around the waistline and I'm not sold on that now that I 
am wearing the dress today.  
But I like the overall shape, especially the little puff shoulders . . . 
and I can't find the tags to return it anyway!
dress: Nina Ricco
purchased at Ross (of course!)

I'm wearing it with these gray Roxy shoes today
to add some beachy casual-ness.

Close-up of the pattern:

On to house photos . . . 
the tile in the bathrooms was jackhammered out yesterday morning.
They had to take out both toilets to do this, but they rigged this one back up
by the time I got home yesterday afternoon. 

The toilet in the other bathroom is in the bathtub!

Storage in my office:

Greg's office:

The ceiling in Greg's office is all mended and painted!

Master bedroom:

The mirror from over the sink is in the closet so they could replace
the drywall and insulation where the water damage occurred.
We are also having them put in new lights above the sinks . . .
that should happen today!

That's why those wires are sticking out of the wall.

Both bathrooms were under construction yesterday pretty early
(and I did not get going pretty early yesterday after the hard work of moving stuff
and removing carpet, tack strips, etc!),
 so here's how I did my hair and make-up yesterday morning - 
a mirror set on the kitchen counter!

Check in tomorrow for the latest updates!

May you have a lovely and organized Thursday!

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