Saturday, May 16, 2015

Renovation Part 1 - Day 7: More Painting

In the early(ish) morning light, the difference between the walls and the ceiling
is quite noticeable.  It's not that noticeable in most lights.
The walls really don't look quite that dark in most light.

In normal light, it looks like this.
You can see the difference, but both look whitish.
One's just more creamy than the other.

Beautiful tile!
and yes, I'm wearing socks and flip-flops

This is our temporary kitchen.
I can't imagine living like this for weeks on end.
I'm glad we're only doing it for a little over a week!

 Here's the dumpster in front of our house.

Here's all the tile and mortar piled up in front of the house.

On to some cute cat pictures!
Here is Claude, happy and gorgeous.

Stephen, drooping off the bed, all relaxed 
because no workers are here today.

Stephen crawled up into my lap today and purred and purred.

And Juvy came in to hang out with us all for awhile.

Last night we had quite a LOT of rain
and today the skies were very pretty with fluffy clouds.

I found a blouse at Ross this last week and wore it
with my new leggings.


Look at the beautiful watercolor print! 
blouse by Calvin Klein
 We are all doing well in spite of the MESS,
and we hope you are doing well, too!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think you chose well on the paint. At least from the pictures. Your "kitchen" looks quite interesting. Next week sometime, you'll be moving into your new one. Don't splatter on the wall!!!! :)