Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Days 1 & 2


We started out in my office (also our guest room) and removed the flooring
on Sunday afternoon.

Then today was a whirlwind - Greg was working from morning until . . . now (10:56 pm!)

I took lots of breaks, but I kept going and did not cry!

We kept pulling things out of the bedrooms into the great room/dining room.

Some of this is just empty boxes (front left of the photo),
and the rest is fairly well organized.
We actually can find what we need still!
Clothes that can be folded are on the big bookshelf in the background.

Clothes that need to be hung are hung on this ladder.

We put our two twin guest beds in the kitchen!
The cats were lying on them, watching birdies out the window.

The last task for Christie last night was hammering up the tack strips in
the master bedroom.
Only one finger hammered and all the strips are now gone!

Allistair is exhausted!

 Here is what the beds looked like before we fell into them last night.

And here's how the kitchen looks this morning
(one bed pushed under the other). 
Nice and tidy!

Pulling out the carpet in Greg's office today
and my job is the tack strips again.
Can we do it?

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