Sunday, May 10, 2015

Renovation, Part 1: Day 2 - More Demolition!

Tearing up the current flooring continued on Day 2!

The cats are surprisingly not that upset about the mess and the noise (so far).

Claude napped right in the middle of everything.

Stephen found a place in the guest bedroom (my office), where I'm preparing the beds for us
to sleep in during this process.

"Yep, I'm handsome!  Look at my many long whiskers!"

We moved most of the furniture into a corner of the great room.
Can you see the cat footprints across the dining room table?

Allistair made those footprints, 
and he also helped by holding down the ladder for us.

Greg took everything off the plant shelves and we boxed it up.
He vacuumed.
He's a dynamo - he just hasn't stopped for two days!

Dining room - almost completely empty.
Those are our bathroom lights in the boxes against the wall to the left!

Other side of the great room - all the flooring is now gone!
Now the blue moisture barrier is gone, too.

We are excited to have a nice deep sleep tonight and tomorrow the jackhammers will start!

To my Mom, and my two wonderful Mothers-in-Law,
as well as to every other Mother out there, 

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