Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Day 3: ALL Carpet Gone!

Doesn't it look like we're touring an unfinished house?

Greg's office:

My office:

Down the hall to the west:

Master bedroom:

We did it! 

We (I) only had a few snarky moments and neither of us fell
all the way to pieces through this process.

Today I had a little bobble in my self-control when Greg wisely reminded me
that I needed to ask (instruct) our contractor to please REPLACE the damaged drywall 
rather than just repairing it.  
Insurance paid for REPLACEMENT, and that's what our contract with the company states, so not doing it wastes our money.
The head dude at the company doesn't communicate very well with his sub-contractors, 
so that's left to me . . . 

but I'm flexing my confronting muscles and they will get stronger!

Happy Wednesday!

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