Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Phase One Complete!!!

The first half of the house is finished!  

Obviously, as you can see from the above photo, it's not organized or prettified, but
the flooring is done and the painting is done.

There are still some areas that need to be fixed up before it's DONE done . . . 
but the guys told us to put a blue tape x on anything that needs to be addressed, and they'll
add it to the list next time.

This is what the great room looks like right now.

The tiles have a sort of sticky film over them -
I'm guessing from having the grout spread everywhere.

Dining room:

Stephen (and a nice close-up of the tiles!)

A freshly mopped kitchen 
(blue x under the dishwasher where grout needs to be repaired).
I cooked dinner in our REAL kitchen tonight!

I put the couch back where it belongs and put some fuzzy blankies on it.
I even took a short little nap on it this afternoon!
I still need to wash the slipcovers, though.
And there's a bunch of stuff on the patio that needs to go in the dumpster.

I mopped this area about three times

and the kitchen about five times 
to get off the sticky dusty grout grime.

I tried different combinations of water and cleaners, and the one that seemed to get the most
grime off was water with a little PineSol added (like 7/8 water, 1/8 PineSol).

I vacuumed first, then mopped.
Then I vacuumed again and mopped some more.

In between, I dusted furniture - 
each piece more than once.
As soon as I dust, more dust settles!
I expect it will take a couple of weeks for it all to settle out of the air.

It was FUN!!! 
(And incidentally, great exercise!)

Tonight we had a meeting to attend, so we didn't get anything done, but tomorrow we'll start moving stuff from the other rooms into this area.
This is the best things will look for at least another two weeks.
Tune in tomorrow to see how we will use this big room for storing everything we own!


  1. It is gorgeous!!!! You did work HARD!!!! Glad you could rest on Thursday. You can handle two more weeks. Then it will be ALL done!!!!!

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for the encouragement, Mom! And yes, we can make it two more weeks! It's happy happy to see the progress already, and it will just get better from here because we don't have to do it all over again AGAIN. :)


  3. Looks LOVELY, I love the part when you get to put things back together and it looks all new. Note from a contractors wife. Don't forget to change the furnace filter for all the extra dust.

    1. Thank you, sweet Auntie for the affirmation! (I like your label above, "her middle daughter"). Yes, this is the fun part. Greg was already thinking about this and changed it once already - and we'll probably do it again after the second phase. We've been stuffier and more sneezy, that's for sure! And the dust just builds back up after dusting and mopping; it's crazy! But it's all in a good cause! xo