Saturday, May 9, 2015

Renovation Part 1: Day 1 - Demolition!

Today is day ONE of our renovation!
We spent the last couple of weeks slowly cleaning and getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore, and now Greg is actually taking up our current flooring!
The blue stuff underneath is the moisture barrier.

Here Greg is taking up the moisture barrier:

Lots and lots and lots of used flooring.

Here's the dining room with no flooring!

Then Greg started hammering out the transition pieces, 
which were glued down - yowza!

Here's our entryway with no transition pieces.
Looks weird!
In two more days or so, that tile will be gone!

He's gonna have lots of sore muscles.

Here's how things look right now . . . 
There's one portion of flooring left to come out before Monday, and it's
the little part underneath the entertainment center
(in the background of the photo below with the TV on it).
Greg is the electronics whiz, so he'll unplug everything and pack it all up safely.

 The Man, surveying his domain!

The Man ate this for lunch.
I added extra meat to the grilled cheese to make it extra nourishing and strength-building!

Here's what I'm wearing today.
Yes, it's actually a light sweater on top.
The high today is only in the mid to high 70s, and it's breezy.
But I wanted to wear shorts, so I needed to be a little more covered on top so as not to be chilly.

shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
shoes: Target

This sweater is from Old Navy and I don't have great luck with their products . . . 
this one is already (after maybe 5-7 wears) faded and balling up.  But it's cute and fits well,
so I'll wear it on casual days like today
and I'll enjoy the cute little nautical pattern!

Allistair has been keeping himself nice and clean, even in the mess:

In other news, the Verdin have been busy with their nest,
meaning that the cats have been busy keeping their eyes on everything.

Here's their cool upside-down nest (it's a ball of twigs, and the entrance is underneath!)
with the cute little Verdin sitting on the branch nearby.

Here's a video of the adorable birdie cuteness!

Here's a close-up of the Red Yucca that the Verdin love to eat.

All this activity tires the cats out after awhile.

Claude gave in earliest!

Sweet fuzzy face!

 "I'll try to stay awake and alert . . . "

"I'll check what's going on in a few minutes . . . "

"Maybe just a short little wee nap."

My guess?  All cats and Greg will be asleep by 8 PM . . .

UPDATE:  I got tired before anyone else and was a zombie by about 6 PM!

Check in tomorrow to see what else happens around here!

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