Monday, May 18, 2015

Renovation, Part 1 - Day 8: MORE Painting

new flooring!

Kitchen all undone . . . 

Tiling near the front door that still needs to be finished.

How things look this morning 
after a marathon day of painting by Martin and his assistant yesterday.

Notice that amazing floor, the crisp white baseboard 
(though to the right, it still needs to be installed),
and the creamy wall.

Stacks of furniture!

I can't get enough of this floor!

The cats have been more relaxed (Martin the painter and his team are quieter than the flooring people) and have been extra snuggly to make up for some days of hiding under the bed.

Wookit that widdle facey!!!

Claude is still grumpy, but even she has been asking for some snuggles.

We're waiting for a call back from our head contractor dude to make sure he knows what still needs to be done before we can move to phase 2.  There are two tiles in the laundry room that need to be replaced because they're crooked, there is tiling by the front door that needs to be done, there are baseboards that need to be installed, and the appliances need to be hooked up again . . . and a few other niggley things.  We have to push things along (and Greg's being amazing helping me be more proactive than I would normally be!) and our contractor company doesn't communicate well with the individual contributors, so we are the pipeline between them at the moment.  Not ideal, but thankfully, we're doing well at it and we're a great team!  And everyone seems to be doing excellent WORK, which is even more important.

More soon!

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  1. There are always a few bumps along the way, but genenally, it sounds like it's going very well and it surely look terrific!!!!!