Friday, May 29, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Day 5: Tiling and Painting

The guys got a LOT done today!

It started out with leveling the concrete and patching cracks and putting
special membrane over the cracks and some more painting.

Before they left around 5 PM, the tilers got most of the master bedroom and most of the hall tiled!

Here's the master bedroom - doesn't it look great?!

The lights got put up in the master bathroom, too!

A view down the hall to the east:

Greg taking a photo down the hall to the west:

Greg photographing the new lights;

They add a very pretty diffuse light.
Bright, but not harsh.

The mirror is back, but BOY, is it dusty!

It got to 102 today outside, so when things quieted down, Juvy came in for a good hour of snuggles.  She was happy!  I got to rub her sweet soft little belly, so I was happy, too.

Workers are coming back tomorrow for a day of stuff . . . 
they are hoping to be done with everything on Monday or Tuesday!

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  1. It looks soooo nice!!! Not even like the same house. From the looks of that mirror, you have a big of cleaning to do, but what fun cleaning. All new!!!!