Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Renovation, Part 1 - Day 9: Tile and Baseboards

Tile and grout in the whole first half of the house are now finished!
This includes the laundry room, kitchen, great room, and dining room (above).

There were two crooked tiles in the laundry room that got fixed today, too.
Look how beautiful they are!

Here's how the living room looks now.

This afternoon or evening, the painter is coming back to finish installing the baseboards and to help us move all the appliances back where they belong - yay!

Then we have a week to put things sort of where we want them, move everything out of the other side of the house (three bedrooms and a bathroom), and remove the current flooring from the bedrooms.
Then we do all the renovation over again!

The cats are much more relaxed now; they seem to have gotten used to the ruckus a bit.

Juvy has been coming in and sleeping on the bed in the afternoons.
It's only been in the high 80s, so it's not too hot outside right now.

More photos when we get things shifted around again
(hopefully tonight!)

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  1. Everything is moving along quite well. I'm glad you get a week to get ready for the next phase. It will be a lot of work, too. It looks absolutely beautiful, though, and worth the work. Judy Elliot's been checking your blog and really likes it, too. :)