Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Renovation, Part 1 - Day 4: Tile IN!


It's amazing how quickly the professionals can get things done.
Yesterday, two guys ground down the heaving crack in the kitchen/great room,
poured self-leveler, spread out the leveler liquid, put down special sealer and membrane on the crack,
and tiled most of the kitchen, and about a third of the great room!

The brown stuff is the tile.
The white strip along the bottom of the photo is the stretchy
membrane that will stretch if our foundation moves more 
(preventing the tiles from cracking!)

Here is what it looked like when they were done for the day.
The tiles are dirty and there are still spacers between them to keep them
at just the right distance from each other, but I love it!
Love the chocolaty color and I think we chose well.

Greg and I and the cats are holding up well.
I'm holed up in the master bedroom with three cats, two of whom are hiding under the bed.

I'm not really able to work much.
So far I haven't been able to film videos because even if there's not a saw going, someone is singing
or whistling (both of which are nice!) or there's other noise of some sort going on.
So it's a bit of an enforced vacation so far - nice!
I'm working on the script for my next video and getting some planning/thinking time, but nothing extra productive is really getting done.  I'm okay with that, especially after the physical exertion of tearing things apart over the last week and more of that coming up in a week or so.

I didn't take many pictures yesterday, because they would have all looked pretty much the same.
The contractors are arriving pretty early in the morning
(the dumpster drop-off guy was here at six) and we haven't really been getting a lot of
good sleep, so we're pretty zoned.  I may try to schedule a nap!

It's thrilling to see everything coming together and to see how beautiful and clean and modern it will look!

More tiling today, and I think some baseboard work and maybe drywall/painting,
but I'm not exactly sure about the procedure.

And sometimes I'm not sure they know the plan, either;
the lines of communication between the main dude and his employees don't always seem to be clear.
For example, even though we told the contractor from the beginning that going through the garage wasn't going to be a good option (we thought the cats would be in there most of the time), the workers just asked me to open the garage door 
so they could tile the laundry room and go out that way.
Nope!  Garage door not currently hooked up!
They figured it out, but that should've been thought about from the beginning.
And the head dude contractor stopped by on Monday and recommended something other than the baseboard plans we had in the estimate, which was annoying.
Again, that should've come up when we were talking about our wishes, NOT while work was actively taking place.  But we were calm and rolled with it and made a good choice (new baseboards throughout house appears to be cheaper than rehabbing old baseboards, and then they'll all be consistent) and Greg and I communicated well during that hiccup, which is a huge blessing!

Lots of blessings taking place here.

Hope you are seeing the blessings in your life today, too!

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  1. All looking good and it's sounds like you and Greg are handling the changes and decision making well. Hang in there.